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The lack of content lately is due to hardcore exam revision. Operation will recommence shortly ^o^

My copies of Dark Wings arrived today!


Only a day after the release - not bad!


The whole PV and making of needs ‘capping and gif-ing, I swear. The making of is especially a treat for Asagi and Hide-Zou fans, I think.

Planning to translate the lyrics at some point today. I know I’m terribly behind on the blog and that’s for reasons I won’t bore you with, but I am working on it and hope to be up to date very soon.

By the way, I didn’t get any doubles in the cards! I’m really happy with what I got too~ I just need to work out if I have to start over to use the Justice card, because I don’t want to lose my progress!


I am confused about something in the PV. Follow the jump if you’ve already seen the PV.

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Aaaaaaaah <3 this is so cooool <3 
I love so much Asagi’s Card & Tsune’s Card*_*

Bon Voyage! DVD translations
薔薇の宝冠 Chapters 2, 3 and 4 (Death SeeD, Ephemeral, and Gold and Silver Gemini)


Apologies that this is a tad late, but it really was a lot of work. It didn’t help that real life (read as university) got in the way either. That being said, I enjoyed reading these chapters, I particularly like the Martisor story, because I didn’t know much about her until now. It was nice seeing how Kircheis and Dreizehn interacted too.

With Japanese fiction being as fun as it is, it can get very confusing who is speaking and tense is simply something you fling around willy-nilly. I’ve tried to make this read as best as I can, and as such took some liberties in translating. I want to add some notes to help you read this, so I hope they don’t get in the way. First, a quick overview.

Chapter 2 is a monologue by Dreizehn.

Chapter 3 is a scene between Dreizehn and a servant (could be Rosalie, it’s not stated) and the introduction of Kircheis.

Chapter 4 is Kircheis telling Dreizehn about Martisor. Chapters 3 and 4 can get a bit messy in terms of whose talking. Please tell me if you need anything clarifiying. Oh, and I’ll probably reread and edit this tomorrow if needs be. I just wanted to post it now~

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So this weekend was crazy.

Some things came up out of nowhere and I’ve been so busy. As a result, the novel chapter still isn’t up orz I’m so sorry. I put up a radio show post yesterday to kind of, hopefully, make up for it. I am working on it though. Two pages to go! Translating always takes so…

I would really love to understand what the band says <3 thank you for considering to translate an entire dvd, you’re awesome!


Just saw this over at D International Fanclub

I’m trying to do my project when bam! the cutest fucking thing in the world appears.

I have a question for any of you who understand Russian! Does Sergey mention where they’re shooting? because that place he goes to after talking to Asagi looks really familiar, but to be honest much of the area outside the cities looks like that ^^;

ALSO, I want to mention this as it’s a glimmer of hope for Russian fans and all of us in Europe. Sergey asks when Asagi will go to Russia again, and he says he wants to go next year!!!!


So with the announcement of the competition at the fanpage ‘ASAGI’ on Facebook, I thought I’d try and list the groups and individuals hard at work spreading love in the fandom! No doubt this isn’t everybody, so please share this, and if you know a group or individual who is out there…